Shemz's Store has been created to provide the world with Fashion & Tech Accessories for those people who want more than just an average accessory item. All items available for purchase are unique in design and high in quality meaning that they not only stand out, but last for a long time. 

I created the store to fill a space in the e-commerce market with an online store that is primarily aimed at the iGeneration, in that it provides them with a store that incorporates current designs and trends through the products and it's content. 

With orders from all over the world, including Germany, the USA, Malta and the UK, the store has shown its potential for growth and expansion which will be the focus coming into its 2nd year. 

The goal is to have an online Fashion & Tech accessories BRAND that not only provides customers with ALL the accessories they need in one place. It will do so by continuously adding products that people regularly need amongst the Fashion & Tech accessories niche, and eventually growing to become as big as it can possibly be. 


Owner and Founder.

Lore Adekeye.